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Shovel my Coal (EP)


Artist: Antun Opic
Label: Atuned
Release Date: 10 July 2015

Antun Opic releases his new EP Shovel my Coal, a tongue-in-cheek collection of songs which have one toe dipped in a pool of insanity.

Opic delivers four diverse tracks that have one common thread - they feel like the work of someone who has glanced insanity square in the face and lived to tell the tale... with their mind intact... but only just.

It's a fun, mind opening experience with each track representing a mini story which has a thousand meanings depending on the listeners point of view.

'The Journalist' was my personal favourite track on the EP, mainly because it has a catchy and memorable rock bass line and an instrumental break that is not that far removed from a James Bond theme.

Want to pigeonhole Opic's sound? Well you can't, it's an unconventional blend of world music, blues, and pop; allowing blaring trumpets to meet a swinging banjo, while gospel choirs are jubilating in the background. His voice is unique, the only comparable artist I can think of is Space front man Tommy Scott.

The album can't come quick enough.


Nick Smithson

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