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Artist: Iain Morrison
Label: Peat Fire Smoke Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 31 July 2015

Eas (gaelic for cascade/waterfall) is Iain Morrison's sixth studio album. The son of a famous piper, Morrison uses this album to filter the music of his hinterland, as well as explore the occasional rocky relationship between a father and a son.

The album is based on piobaireachd, the classical music of the highland bagpipes. Piobaireachd, also known as 'Ceol Mor' (The Big Music), was normally taught using a technique called 'canntaireachd', which is a form of singing. Rather than playing the music on the actual instrument when teaching, the subtleties and nuances can be communicated a lot easier using the voice as an instrument.

Iain's father is Iain M. Morrison, one of the world’s leading voices and tutors in the world of piobaireachd. Iain Snr was taught 'Ceol Mor' by the legendary Donald Macleod, who makes an appearance on 'Too Long in This Condition'.

This is not an album that will be to everyone's taste. For those who are interested in the traditional music of the Highlands, this is a wonderful modern take on it. For everyone else, however, it will be a rather quaint album that you'll listen to once and then probably never play again.


Nick Smithson

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