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Soundtrack Review

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Mary of Nazareth
(Maria di Nazaret)
Original Television Movie Score


Composer: Guy Farley
Performed by: The Chamber Orchestra of London
Label: Caldera Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 03 August 2015

Caldera Records release Guy Farley's original score for the 2012 Italian television movie Maria di Nazaret (Mary of Nazareth). Directed by Giacomo Campiotti. The two part film recounts the story of Jesus’s mother Maria (Mary) and accompanies her throughout the life of the son of God until his death on the cross...

Guy Farley's (Knife Edge; The Hot Potato) score for Mary of Nazareth (Maria di Nazaret) contains 37 tracks (1 hr, 18 min, 25 sec). Of this, 24 tracks (53 min, 51 sec) make up the music from that TV movie. In addition 11 tracks (18 min, 42 sec) is comprised of Farley's music for L’uomo che Sognava con L’aquile. There's also a music cue (2 min, 34 sec) from the film Wake of Death, and an audio commentary from Farley (3 min, 18 sec). Farley's commentary explains his involvement in the project and why he made some of the instrument choices he did.

For those that have followed Farley's career to date, it will come as no surprise to discover that once again he delivers another collection of heart wrenchingly beautiful themes for Mary of Nazareth. The most notable is 'Maria's Theme', which is woven throughout the album. It's very John Barry-esque in its construction.

'Maria Titles' is beautifully eerie, and helps to set the scene. To be perfectly honest, all of the tracks for Mary of Nazareth are worthy of your time. Likewise, there's plenty to enjoy with his intricate score for L’uomo che Sognava con L’aquile - although, personally I didn't enjoy it quite as much as Mary of Nazareth.

'Reunited' from Wake of Death is interesting, but it's an odd inclusion - even though it fits in nicely here.

What impressed me most about this album is that Caldera could have just included the score for Mary of Nazareth (it's a respectable 53 min, 51 sec) but they went that extra mile and include additional content. This is a label that truly respects the composer and spoils soundtrack collectors.


Darren Rea