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A Life Unlimited


Artist: Stone Foundation
Label: The Turning Point Recording Organisation / Republic of Music
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 07 August 2015

Stone Foundation is one of those rare British gems that hark back to the days of peak Weller in Style Council, Acid Jazz Galliano and James Taylor Quartet territory. It’s the sort of music James Brown and Dr John’s legacy continues to inspire giving everyone a smile while observing social commentary and offering absolution for any regret or feeling of pain which is tantamount to flawless contemporary British soul...

A Life Unlimited is Stone Foundation's latest album. At its core it's a throw back to soul music of the '60s... but not in a tacky rip-off way. This is an organic progression of the genre; as though the music was being reinvented for today's market, but using the popular instrument sounds of the time. It's soulful, beautiful and flawlessly produced. The end result is a retro sounding album of pure bliss.

The album contains 10 songs (48 min, 02 sec) all of which have been carefully crafted to come across as a small part of something much bigger. This is one of those albums that is a pure delight to listen to from start to finish, in the way the artists intended.


Nick Smithson

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