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Artist: Paul Smith and the Intimations
Label: Billingham Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 21 August 2015

Paul Smith and the Intimations release their new album, Contradictions. Smith, of Maxïmo Park fame, shows his fans a different side to his writing and performing. The album took around four years to write and record and brings back Andrew Hodson (drums and Claire Adams (bass) who appeared on Smith's debut solo album Margin (2010)

This is a slow, melancholic album which takes a few play throughs to warm to. While there are instantly accessible tracks ('All The Things You'd Like To Be'; 'Fill In The Blanks') , others ('Break Me Down'; 'The Mezzanine Floor') take a few listens for the subtle elements of the track to work their way into your mind. 'Reintroducing The Red Kite' reminded me of 'Naked Patients' from Happyness's Weird Little Birthday.

The album contains 13 songs (38 min, 42 sec) and if I had one complaint, it's that the drumming on the opening track, 'The Deep End' is a little off putting, and almost sound out of time on occasion. In addition the closing track, 'Fluid Identity', while one of my favourite tracks on the album, has a guitar part that someone who has only been playing for a week could master... While you could argue that isn't anything to flag up... it is when it actually sounds like they've only been playing for a week.

So, an interesting album that won't only appeal to Maxïmo Park fans. Smith produces an impressive collection of laid back tracks.


Nick Smithson

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