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All Across This Land


Artist: Blitzen Trapper
Label: Lojinx
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 02 October 2015

Acclaimed Portland, Oregon rock quintet Blitzen Trapper release their new album, All Across This Land. To date, they've built a solid reputation as a band unafraid to incorporate a vast array of influences, they have released albums that touch on indie folk/rock, roots, art rock, alt country, psychedelia and pop, while maintaining a sound that is distinctly their own...

There's a huge Country element permeating the tracks on this album, which contains 10 songs (39 min, 09 sec). Rock, crossed with Country sounds like something that shouldn't work but, surprisingly, it does. You can't fail to smile at the wonderful harmonica and, what sounds like, lap steel guitar backing on 'Let the Cards Fall' and 'Even If You Don't'.

The album opens with an obvious Rock theme, 'All Across This Land', and as the album progresses more and more of a Country element creeps in. For me, this was a wonderful way to subtly introduce the listener to their new sound - you're hardly even aware of it.

For me, it brought back memories of sitting in my parents car, on long journeys, listening to light Country songs blasting out of the 8-track.

This is a timeless release with some beautiful songs. There's plenty here for everyone.


Nick Smithson

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