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The One & the Other (EP)


Artist: Benjamin Verdoes
Label: Brick Lane Records
Release Date: 23 October 2015

Benjamin Verdoes's The One & the Other EP is a strange release in that with a few more tracks or slightly longer songs this would have easily been an LP. What we end up with are 6 tracks (23 min, 24 sec) of above average indie music.

The One & The Other is a narrative set in six chronological scenes. The story describes a universally experienced scenario. The melodies, textures, and trajectory of the songs are tied up in the scenes and the larger narrative.

While designed to be listened to in the order that Verdoes has carefully placed them, this EP works just as well if you shuffle the tracks around into your own order of preference.

It's a strong offering and certainly one that's worth seeking out.


Nick Smithson

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