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Artist: Third Eye Blind
Label: Mega Collider Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 30 October 2015

Third Eye Blind is a rock band from San Francisco, USA, formed in 1993 by singer/songwriter and rhythm guitarist Stephan Jenkins and lead guitarist Kevin Cadogan. Dopamine (which is a compound neurotransmitter in the body for adrenaline) is their seventh album, and their first in six years. Cadogan is no longer in the group, and Jenkins has striven to construct songs chronicling the turbulent recent history of events by way of an exploration of isolation and personal identity. Dopamine is available for download from iTunes and in conventional CD format on their own Mega Collider Records.

This is a traditional 1990s rock sound inherent with elements of bands like The Alarm, The Cure, and vocal inflections reminiscent of Big Country and even Fastball. It’s very much a style befitting the commercial airwaves. 'Shipboard Cook' is a standout track, as is 'Get Me Out Here' – purely because they have more ‘oomph’ (that’s a technical term, you know!). The rest is entertaining with a quality sound mix, but a little lightweight for my tastes.

There is a sense of ease and comfort which makes me assume they have been trundling along like this for some time. Perhaps an attempt to push the boundaries of their chosen sub-genre would have displayed more of a ‘go get’ attitude with hints at even more progression next time. I get the sense that Third Eye Blind could knock-out albums like this all year. Still, much of my interpretation depends on my tastes at any one time. Generally, they are much heavier than Third Eye Blind, but if I had been listening to Pink Floyd (my favourite band) I might well have been more open and receptive to this style.

Nevertheless, whatever I say, this is still competent stuff, and I’d be surprised if their existing fans didn’t like it.


Ty Power

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