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Bridge of Spies
Remastered and Expanded Edition


Artist: T'Pau
Label: UMC / Virgin EMI
Release Date: 06 November 2015

One of the success stories of the ‘80s, T’Pau, see their 1987 multi-platinum debut album Bridge of Spies reissued as a 2CD / 1DVD deluxe edition. The album reached the UK No.1 spot and spent six months on the US Billboard chart. The 80s classic, “China In Your Hand” spent five weeks as UK number 1. This multi million-plus selling debut album started a journey that would further generate Top 10 Platinum selling albums Rage and The Promise and a raft of hit singles...

The expanded edition of Bridge of Spies features a remastered version of the original album, singles, B-sides, hard-to-find remixes, live tracks and demo sessions including the previously unreleased fan favourite ‘Maggie’. It also includes a DVD featuring a T’Pau live concert from London, recorded in 1988 and all six promotional videos, digitised.

I bought this album on its original release back in 1987, loved it, played it to death, put it in a cupboard and forgot about it. When I heard a 3-CD remastered and extended release was planned I was curious as to why on earth anyone would want to buy this. For starters, if you want the original you can pick it up online for pennies, and was there really that much extra material to warrant two additional discs.

This treatment is usually reserved for bands with a bit more clout. T'Pau were only raised ever so slightly above 'one hit wonder' status - despite what the synopsis at the head of this page says, I defy you to find anyone who bought their second, third, fourth or fifth album. And while I liked them, I was very aware of how uncool that was.

My main concerns were met when I listened to this new release. Firstly, for some reason, Carol Decker's vocal's don't sound as in tune with the music as I remember, I don't know if this is a problem with the remastering, or my memory/hearing being shot to hell, but on occasion I was left wincing at the sound.

We didn't received the DVD for review, so I can't comment on that, but the additional tracks on the second CD aren't really worth owning unless you are the hardest of hardcore fans. Although, having said that, I was impressed with the presentation, and 'Maggie' is worth owning. Don't get me wrong, it's interesting to hear different versions of songs you know well, but they're only really a novelty - the alternate remixes are only likely to be listened to once for curiosity. Still, I'm impressed that the label has gone that extra mile to release so much additional content for those that care.

Those that remember this fondly and want to repurchase might be better advised to pick up a second hand copy of the original. This is a release for those that still have T'Pau posters on their bedroom wall and a ton of T'Pau related issues of Smash Hits and Look In.

Track listing:

CD 1

01. Heart And Soul
02. I Will Be With You
03. China In Your Hand
04. Friends Like These
05. Sex Talk
06. Bridge Of Spies
07. Monkey House
08. Valentine
09. Thank You For Goodbye
10. You Give Up
11. China In Your Hand - Reprise
12. Heart and Soul (Single Version)
13. China in your hand (single version)
14. Sex Talk (live)
15. On the Wing
16. No Sense of Pride
17. Giving My Love Away
18. Still So In Love
19. Thank you for Goodbye Rides Again

CD 2

01. Heart and Soul US Radio Edit
02. Heart and Soul Remix
03. Taking Time Out (Live Scottish Centre 29/10/87)
04. Bridge of Spies (Live Scottish Centre 29/10/87)
05. Monkey House (Live Scottish Centre 29/10/87)
06. You Give Up (Live Scottish Centre 29/10/87)
07. China In Your Hand (Live Hammersmith Odeon March '88 )
08. Heart And Soul (Live Hammersmith Odeon March '88)
09. Sex Talk (Live Hammersmith Odeon March '88
10. Walk Away Rene
11. I'm A Believer
12. Heart and Soul (Dance Mix / 4 Twelve Mix)
13. Heart and Soul (Beats and Rap)
14. Heart and Soul (Dub Mix)
15. Monkey House
16. You Give Up
17. Only One Dream (Friends Like These)
18. Maggie


T’Pau Live in concert – Hammersmith Odeon, March 1988

01. Thank you For Goodbye
02. Monkey House
03. Bridge of Spies
04. Arms of Love
05. Heart and Soul
06. Sex Talk
07. I Will Be With You
08. You Never Notice Me
09. Valentine
10. China In Your Hand
11. Time Will Tell

Promo Videos

12. Heart and Soul
13. China In Your Hand
14. Valentine
15. Sex Talk (live)
16. I Will be With You
17. Bridge of Spies


Nick Smithson

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