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Artist: Baron
Label: Svart Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 13 November 2015

Torpor is the new album from British rock four piece, Baron. The LP explores the British Isles's history and mythology - the wind beaten rural landscape and the stories of magic handed down through generations of tellers...

You could describe Baron's new album as folk-based rock... but you'd be doing it a great disservice. While the tracks do indeed explore the mythology and storytelling of civilisations long since turned to dust, the instrumentation helps to bring these ancient tales up to date.

Torpor contains 7 songs (42 min, 04 sec) and I liked, very much, the fact that the band tie everything neatly together with a theme as old as the hills.

Of course, if you're not even remotely interested in the lyrics, which to be fair are almost impossible to unravel on the majority of tracks, then you'll still get a blast out of the varied musical approaches to each of the tracks.


Nick Smithson

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