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Songs in the Dark


Artist: The Wainwright Sisters
Label: [PIAS]
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 13 November 2015

Martha Wainwright and Lucy Wainwright Roche may be sisters, but they didn't grow up together. They shared the same father (Loudon Wainwright III) but were brought up by different mothers. Both their mothers would sing them lullabies. Now, 30 years later, Martha and Lucy are singing many of these same songs, penned by their mothers and father on Songs In The Dark.

The album also features songs that shaped their childhoods, made famous by the likes of Woody Guthrie and Jimmie Rogers. The inspiration for Songs In The Dark came when Martha Wainwright was sent a mix CD. On that mix were many of the tracks that make up the album: 'Prairie Lullaby,' 'Dusty Skies,' 'Baby Rocking Medley,' and 'Hobo's Lullaby'.

The sisters felt that all these tracks contain something sad, dark, and slightly negative, and that was the springboard to find the other songs.

Folk fans of a certain age will totally adore this album. However, a younger audience may find it a little on the dull side.

Track listing:

01 - 'Prairie Lullaby'
02 - 'Hobo's Lullaby'
03 - 'El Condor Pasa'
04 - 'Lullaby'
05 - ' Lullaby for a Doll'
06 - 'Runs in the Family'
07 - 'Baby Rocking Medley'
08 - 'Screaming Issue'
09 - 'Long Lankin'
10 - 'Our Mother the Mountain'
11 - 'End of the Rainbow'
12 - 'Dusty Skies'
13 - 'All The Pretty Little Horses'
14 - 'Russian Lullaby'
15 - 'Do You Love an Apple?'
16 - 'Go Tell Aunt Rhody'


Nick Smithson

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