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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Composer: Rob Simonsen
Artists: The Staples Singers, MC Squared, The Fabulous Originals, Procol Harum and The Silver Stars
Label: Lakeshore Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 27 November 2015

Lakeshore Records release the soundtrack album to Stonewall, a drama about a fictional young man caught up during the 1969 Stonewall riots. Danny Winters is forced to leave behind friends and loved ones when he is kicked out of his parent’s home and flees to New York. Alone in Greenwich Village, homeless and destitute, he befriends Ray and a group of street kids who soon introduce him to the local watering hole The Stonewall Inn; however, this shady, mafia-run club is far from a safe-haven. As Danny and his friends experience discrimination, endure atrocities and are repeatedly harassed by the police, we see a rage begin to build. This emotion runs through the entire community of young gays, lesbians, drag queens and trans people who populate the Stonewall Inn and erupts in a storm of anger. With the toss of a single brick, a riot ensues and a crusade for equality is born...

The soundtrack to Stonewall contains 12 tracks (35 min, 57 sec). Of these, 7 (16 min, 45 sec) are made up of Rob Simonsen's original score, with the remaining 5 (19 min, 12 sec) being comprised of various artists tracks.

Simonsen turns in an interesting, subtle, score that works well as an album to relax to. The various artists tracks are interesting, some of which most will already own somewhere in their collections. So it boils down to whether your happy to splash out for 17 minutes of Simonsen's music.

If you've seen and enjoyed the movie, then this will make a wonderful musical souvenir that you'll dig out from time to time.

Track listing:

01 - 'A Whiter Shade of Pale' - Procol Harum
02 - 'Shadow of A Memory' - The Silver Stars
03 - 'It Ain’t Fair, But It’s Fun' - The Fabulous Originals
04 - 'I’ll Take You There' - The Staples Singers
05 - 'My Mind Goes High' - M.C. 2
06 - 'Danny' - Rob Simonsen
07 - 'Ray' - Rob Simonsen
08 - 'A Packed Suitcase' - Rob Simonsen
09 - 'Aren’t You My Friend, Danny' - Rob Simonsen
10 - 'Cinderella' - Rob Simonsen
11 - 'Riots Begin' - Rob Simonsen
12 - 'Unfinished Business' - Rob Simonsen


Darren Rea

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