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World Wide Genocide


Artist: Shotgun Rodeo
RRP: £13.99
7 090014 391174
Release Date: 04 December 2015

Shotgun Rodeo is a Metal quartet from Trondheim in Norway, consisting of Nino Escopeta on vocals, Don Shrediablo on guitars, Dorian Crazed on bass, and Vegzilla on drums. Hmm… Something tells me these are not their real names! Since their formation in 2008 the band has released two EPs (2012’s Dead End Massacre, and 2013’s Guilty As Charged), and now in 2015 present their first full album, World Wide Genocide.

My first impression – particularly after hearing the first couple of tracks – was that the vocals were quite a bit at odds with the music, which I liked very much. There are plenty of Metal sub-genres and styles on show here, and I assume this was done purposefully to showcase their versatility, and so they could avoid being pigeon-holed as a one trick pony, so to speak. Upon first listening I would have said it was traditional Classic Metal, with early-Thrash riffs and the melodic twin/overlaid guitar common to many Power Metal bands. Later tracks reveal a surprising turn into Black Metal and Death Metal territory. Here, the vocals sound much more at home than they do clean. To sum up the riff-driven sound, to me it most closely resembles early (certainly the first decade of) Rage.

The stick-out tracks, in my opinion, are 'Saving Myself', 'Knock ‘Em Dead', 'Withered Earth', and 'Among Wolves' – although subsequent plays of the disc have made me warm much more to the whole thing.

What I don’t like is the overuse of profanities. I don’t mind one or two, if it’s conducive to the subject matter or energy of the piece. I wonder why I find it acceptable from Green Day, but object to it here. Perhaps it’s because I think, with Shotgun Rodeo, it is utilised mainly for shock effect – or because they think it’s cool. Whereas what it really shows is a lack of vocabulary.

Nevertheless, this a more than solid first full release. The sheer energy and melody (the two main ingredients) will keep you hooked.


Ty Power