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Ping Potmat
Heat Resistant Paddle Mat


Manufacturer: ThumbsUp!
RRP: £8.95
5 060407 521978
Item Number: PONGMAT
Available now

Serve a strong backhand from the stove to the dining table. Are you always burning your counter top? The Ping Potmat is not your average paddle; it has been crafted with renewable bamboo and dimpled silicone to protect your table from heat damage. The mat’s resistant layer can handle searing pots of up to 230°C. To use, simply place your hot pot on the Ping Potmat and become a kitchen champion...

ThumpsUp!'s Ping Potmat is such a simple idea that I'm surprised it's taken this long for it to arrive. On first glance it looks like a standard ping pong bat, but it's manufactured from bamboo with a dimpled silicone covering to ensure that whatever you place on it won't damage the surface below.

It only has the silicone covering on one side (obviously, as the base needs to be flat to ensure that it's stable) but in case you're worried that you might confuse it with your own ping pong bat (should you own one) this kitchen item comes with the word "Homade" chiseled into the handle. It also has a handy hole drilled in the handle so that you can hang it with your other kitchen implements.

It's a fun, novel item that no bachelor pad should be without.


Nick Smithson

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