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Gadget Review

Power Stand


Manufacturer: ThumbsUp!
RRP: £15.00
5 060407 523262
Item Number: POWSTND
Available now

Boasting a powerful 2200 mAh, this funky power bank is a portable charger and a desk stand for smartphones and tablets. Charge the power bank using the micro USB cable supplied, this takes approximately 1-5 hours. You can then keep the small power bank to boost you smart phone on tablet using your desired USB cable (not provided). The charger also has a silicone case with a suction stand, which conveniently transforms the charger into a desk stand for your smartphone...

If, like me, you're totally unorganised and never remember to charge your tablet/phone before you head out for the day then ThumbsUp!'s Power Stand is an essential purchase for you.

I head up on to the wilds of Dartmoor quite often (mainly because that's where I live) for long walks and to take photographs. There's nothing worse than getting out into the middle of nowhere to realise that you can just about get mobile phone coverage, but your batteries dead. This little gadget is a godsend as you can charge it up and leave it in your bag/coat pocket in case of emergency.

While it won't charge as quickly as plugging your gadget directly into a plug socket (you'd be an idiot if you thought it would) it will allow you to continue using your gadget as it charges.

I carry a lot of bizarre, but very useful items in my camera bag, including a corkscrew and bottle opener. Now there's a space for the Power Stand. You might never need it, but in a pinch, this could be the best £15 you ever spend.

The box contains: 1 x power bank charger, 1 x micro USB cable and 1 x rechargeable lithium battery. Charging time takes approx 1-5 hours.


Darren Rea

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