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Ninja Nesting Dolls


Manufacturer: ThumbsUp!
RRP: £11.99
5 060407 523231
Item Number: NINSTDOL
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These ancient warriors are not to be messed with. Armoured with their shuriken, Nunchucks and swords, these Nesting Ninja Dolls are great for decoration and storing small items. This set of 6 all stack within one another to create the perfect gift and decoration. Martial arts fan, wannabe Karate Kid or pretend black belt, it doesn’t matter as these are quirky enough to show your fun side...

When I was a small child I was fascinated by the original Russian nesting doll (I think I originally saw an animated short on a kid's TV show) but I've never actually seen one in the flesh. So, I was quite looking forward to receiving this product for review... until I actually sat and thought about what I was going to write about it. There's not much you can say about these Ninja Nesting Dolls, other than they're nesting dolls with a ninja theme.

There are six dolls in total. The largest doll is approximately 12 cm tall, and the smallest is around 3.5 cm tall. I was quite impressed that each doll had been individually wrapped in tissue paper, to prevent them getting damaged in transit.

Once you've got all six out, you can either display them next to each other or you can fill each of them (yes, the smallest opens too) with things you don't want others to find and then hide the dolls in your room.

This is a cool, funky gift for the ninja fan in your life. It's odd really, because the original dolls were designed for girls and women, whereas this product is more aimed at teenage boys and those with a bachelor pad.


Nick Smithson

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