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Ninja Gnome


Manufacturer: ThumbsUp!
RRP: £19.99
5 060407 520889
Item Number: NINGNOM
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Throughout the centuries, Ninjas have defeated warriors and warlords; now a new battle is about to commence. Its location, your garden. This Ninja Garden Gnome is here to protect your shrubs. Integrated with a solar panel battery that charges during the day which allows the Ninja’s eyes to automatically illuminate when it’s dark. Handmade and weather-resistant; his mighty sword and frightful stare makes this gnome one not to be messed with...

If, like me, you detest garden gnomes, then the Ninja Gnome is perfect for your garden (it will certainly keep other traditional bearded gnomes from invading and taking up refuge in your shrubs)

Ninja Gnome is weather resistant and hand painted. There's not much to paint though, there are only three colours: skin tone for the hands and face peeking through the ninja garb; black for the clothing; and silver for the sword. With this in mind, I was slightly surprised to see that the hand painted aspect was immediately obvious as on the one we were sent for review someone managed to paint the skin colour outside the lines and onto his hood... not that that's a huge issue.

It comes pre-charged so that you can see the solar light feature at work straight out of the box. The Ninja's eyes light up once it gets dark (as long as you place it in a sunny spot to charge during the daylight hours, this should light up every night.

It's manufactured from sturdy pottery (I assume), like countless other garden gnomes. It's a novel, fun item that will also act as a talking point at any barbecue or summer house party you host.


Nick Smithson

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