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The Anzovino Experience, Vol 1


Artist: DJ Thor
Label: Plaza Mayor Company
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 19 February 2016

The new album by Andrea Thor Schianini (aka Dj Thor) explores the work of Anzovino Remo, one of the leading exponents of Italian instrumental music. Thor creates new and previously unreleased tracks with maximum freedom in harmony with the pianist, who granted total autonomy...

DJ Thor has visited Anzovino Remo's incredible back catalogue of work and put his own spin on it. Not being overly familiar with Remo's body of work, I was intrigued enough, listening to this album, to track down some of his music.

While this is no doubt intended as a loving tribute, some aspects of it just didn't work for me. The vocal soundbytes on 'B-Aires' sound really terrible; annoying and very distracting. In fact it was the voices that I had the most problem with on this album. The female voice in 'B-Aires' has a terrible fake English accent and what she's saying doesn't quite slot in to the music comfortably.

Likewise, the male American voice on 'Spiritual Magic Orchestra (Timpani Forest Remix)' feels forced and again doesn't fit comfortably. But to be fair, if you can get past these two tracks (and it not bother you) then you'll might well enjoy this album.

While I doubt I'll listen to it again, I will be seeking out more of Remo's back catalogue. I'd love to know what Remo's devoted fans make of it.


Nick Smithson

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