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Eraser Stargazer


Artist: Guerilla Toss
Label: DFA Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 04 March 2016

New age ragers Guerilla Toss promote positive energy and twisted spirituality through the less-travelled path of brutal, live rock and roll dance music. Like a hurricane of healing bliss, a Guerilla Toss concert is more of a ritual than a performance. It is the unique pairing of musical voices and backgrounds that makes Guerilla Toss such a special party band...

Guerilla Toss's new album, Eraser Stargazer is an LP you'll either totally fall in love with, or toss in the bin with a wry smile on your face. For lovers of Punk, it will probably be the former; for everyone else it will undoubtedly be the latter. This is the stuff of teenage angst. Rage against authority, stick it to the man... just as long as it's not before 11am and you don't have to take a shower and put on clean clothes.

The album is tuneless, not to mention without focus. And, if you can just about stomach the music, then they throw in the awful screeching and sounds of a young adult who has attention deficit syndrome and is desperately trying to make you react.

The press release points out that they're more a live band experience than a sitting at home in your bedroom kind of outfit. And I can probably relate to that. Full of drink, crammed in a small venue, I can see how Guerilla Toss may be infectious. However, as an LP to listen to at home I can't really see the appeal.

The album contains 8 ear-bleeding songs (28 min, 43 sec). As I said, this is a release you'll either love or hate. I wasn't a fan.


Nick Smithson

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