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Psychic Lemon


Artist: Psychic Lemon
Label: 578128 Records DK
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 05 March 2016

Psychic Lemon's music has been described as psych, krautrock, funk, but the one they prefer is krautfunk. The band played their first rehearsal in 2014, aiming to move away from traditional song structures to ones that evolve naturally from jamming. The band's influences are broad, but favourite bands include Goat, The Heads and Amon Düül II...

Psychic Lemon's self titled album is a bizarre combination of psychedelic, '70s rock ('Horizon) and even jazz (in that there's a little freeform creativity going on on tracks like 'Death Cult Blues'). They're a band that is hard to pigeon hole (which means that lazy journalists have to do some actual work rather than comparing them to some other band).

There's so many diverse styles tucked away in here; so many musical avenues explored, that even if you don't appreciate their unique sound, you have to at least take your hat off to their ability to turn in so many interesting tracks. This feels like the work of six individual artists that have each turned in their own song that they've spent their entire life crafting and fine tuning.

The album contains 6 tracks (41 min, 04 sec). The album opens with one of the most original I've heard in years. It sounds like a swarm of alien robot bees is attacking Doctor Who's TARDIS as it dematerialises, taking some of the bees with it. Maybe all this psychedelia has gone to my brain, but it did mean that the album caught my attention from the start.

This won't be to everyone's taste. But if you get what the band are trying to achieve, then you'll love it.


Nick Smithson

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