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Bad Breeding


Artist: Bad Breeding
Label: Bad Breeding
RRP: Free
Click here to download for free
Release Date: 29 April 2016

Stevenage’s Bad Breeding have shared their highly anticipated self-titled album full via YouTube and free download. The surprise release of the album follows on from two recent premieres of both the bands visceral new video for 'Corrupting Fist', which was premiered with CRACK Magazine. As well as their latest single 'Remembering', which was recently premiered with NME...

Bad Breeding's self-titled album contains 16 songs (32 min, 27 sec) of punky, heavy metal goodness. Politically, the band attempt to recreate the '80s music scene of a youthful lefty nation angry at a Tory administration. Sadly it doesn't quite work as that was of a bygone era and to musically challenge today's establishment seems out of place in our modern, apathetic, debt laden generation, which while started by a Thatcher's regime, has actually had a long Labour administration at the reins which failed to turn anything around before giving power back to the Torys.

So, if you ignore the rebellious 'Tory authority is bad and is keeping us down' vibe that their frontman likes to trot out and just listen to the music, you'll get a kick out of their loud and brash sound.

While I enjoyed the album immensely, I know they're a band best experienced live. So, if you get the chance, go out and see them on their UK tour (2016).

Labour, Tory, whoever is in power don't actually fix anything and so getting angry about it seems futile. And, as I look at my credit card statement, my bank over draught and new finance car I can't help thinking that unlike the '80s, any financial problems that are coming my way are my fault and not the establishments.

Just enjoy the music, ignore the politics. It's free. What have you got to lose?


Nick Smithson