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Little Windows Cut Right Through


Artist: Aloha
Label: Polyvinyl Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 06 May 2016

Aloha release their new album, Little Windows Cut Right Through, the follow up to 2010's Home Acres. The sound is a unique blend of '80s pop and indie rock giving us a sound that the listener will either instantly love or shy away from.

I listened to this numerous times over the course of a couple of weeks and I was no closer to getting on with it than I was the first time I heard it. While it's a good, solid album full of interesting songs, there was nothing here that caught my attention enough to warrant repeat plays in the future.

This, for me anyway, is an album for now, it's not the sort of LP that I'd dig out again once I'd grown weary or it.

The album contains 10 songs (42 min, 44 sec).


Nick Smithson

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