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Tryst (EP)


Artist: Djustin
Label: Labrador Records
Release Date: 13 May 2016

Swedish/American duo Electronic Pop duo Djustin features Rose Suau (US) and Johan Angergård (Sweden). When Suau and Angergård formed Djustin, they had never even met in person. The first traces of Djustin started with a mutual admiration of each other’s musical projects – Shoestrings and Club 8 – in the late '90s. In the autumn of 2015 Angergård was looking for a singer and lyricist for a new musical project. He and Suau had still never met at this point. Angergård says, “I love the soulful sensualism in Rose’s voice and figured she’d be perfect for the project. I’m pretty used to writing everything myself and wanted to see what would happen if I did things in new ways. So, I took the chance and sent a couple of tracks over to Rose with me singing gibberish. A week later she dropped a recording of the finished vocals and it was… well, just lovely.” Djustin was born.

And the results speak for themselves. This 5 track EP is a taste of things to come, and right from the start the duo hit the ground running with their own blend of Electronic Pop that will stay with you long after the music stops.

It's an upbeat, and bouncy EP with so many impressive aspects that on occasion it felt like a "Greatest Hits" album of a band that's been around for years. Suau and Angergård's work here really comes alive with Suau's incredible vocals (even if from time to time Auto-Tune appears to creep in).

If you're a fan of upbeat, summer sounds, then Djustin is well worth checking out. Normally, I'm not a fan of EPs, but this crams more quality material than most LP releases manage to deliver. I'm very much looking forwarded to hearing their debut album.


Nick Smithson

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