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Artist: Fews
Label: Play it Again Sam
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 20 May 2016

Fews release their debut album, Means, through Play it Again Sam. The Swedish / US quartet have accompanied the likes of Fat White Family and Money in Europe whilst the UK has seen them traversing the country as guests for Bloc Party and the sold out Spring King tour. Part Indie, part Punk, Means has a lot going for it.

I really loved the album opener 'I.D.' and was hoping that the rest of the album would be in a similar vein. While, in some respects it is, I was thrown off a little by a slight lack of focus. Are they an Indie Pop outfit? A soft Punk band? Or something different altogether. I know it's lazy to pigeonhole bands, but some times it is necessary if you want to appeal to a certain demographic.

The writing is spot on, the production and performing is flawless, but there was something missing and I couldn't put my finger on it. And then it hit me: Passion. The band sound like they're just going through motions, there's no energy or real feeling that comes through these songs. And it was this, I'm afraid, for me, that stopped this being an album I warmed to as much as I know I should have.

The album contains 10 tracks (37 min, 05 sec), with highlights including 'I.D.'; 'Things'; 'If Things Go On Like This'; and 'Ill'. Give it a listen. You may find you warm to it more than I did. It's still a good album, just I can't help feeling that it could have been so much more.


Nick Smithson

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