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Faidherbe Street


Artist: Lillabox
Label: Plaza Major Company
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 24 May 2016

Lillabox are a guitar/cello instrumental duo founded in 2013 by Alex Hetzel and Mathieu Deranlot. Dynamic bows and inspired riffs allow them to explore and merge different influences, for a brand new style: "contemporary world music", in the borders of jazz, rock, and arab-andalusian music...

Faidherbe Street is Lillabox's new album, offering listeners the bizarre mix of guitar and cello - a combination you'd think wouldn't work... but you'd be wrong.

The album contains 12 tracks (42 min, 58 sec) and the duo dip their toes into so many genres that for that fact alone you should give this album a chance. Various world music is touched upon, as well as classical, jazz and folk music.

The album opens with the impressive 'India', which is a wonderfully emotional track. Other highlights include 'Larsen'; 'Benzaiten'; and 'Berceuse' - which I would argue is this album's most noticeable standout track, featuring a beautiful main melody on cello, with subtle guitar backing.

To be honest all tracks are impressive, it just depends what sort of mood you're in as to which of these tracks will be your favourite..


Nick Smithson

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