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Artist: Guts
Label: Heavenly Sweetness
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 29 July 2016

Guts releases his new album, Eternal, through Heavenly Sweetness. And what an interesting trip it is.

Eternal contains 14 tracks (1 hr, 10 sec) and pretty much covers all bases from lounge jazz ('Every Generation') to '90s hip-hop ('Take Me Back'), along the way dropping in on '80s pop ('Give You Up') and a hint of Disco ('Dance, Love & Die').

For diversity alone, this album deserves to be a hit. Guts takes in so many influences, rattles them around in his head and then creates... well... "magic" is the only way to describe what he delivers here.

Give it a listen. It could be the funkiest album you've heard all year.


Nick Smithson

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