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The Welts (Pregi) and Other Music by Adrian Konarski


Composer: Adrian Konarski
Label: Caldera Records
RRP: £13.99
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4 260352 760168
Release Date: 01 September 2016

Caldera Records present the original score for the motion picture The Welts (Pregi) from 2004. The Polish movie tells the tale of Wojciech who was mistreated by his father at a young age and as a result becomes increasingly troubled when growing up. Although he does not want to repeat the same mistakes his father did, he has problems connecting to people. Then he meets Tania, his chance for redemption. But will he be able to solve his problems and become somebody who can not only love but who can also be loved by others...?

Adrian Konarski is a highly regarded musician of films, theater and concert in his native Poland. This album not only delivers his music for The Welts (2004), but also highlights from Drowsiness (2008) and Obywatel (Citizen) (2014). His Polish roots are evident in his music but, for an English speaking audience, tracks like 'The Welts' pays homage to John Barry's work on the James Bond movies, with a nod and a wink to his style.

Other highlights include the melancholic 'Echo Of Her Voice' and 'Eugeniusz Bodo Lumiere Magique'. In addition the quirkiness of 'Why Me Why Is It Me' shines through as an upbeat, fun piece.

The album contains 36 tracks (1 hr, 18 min, 10 sec) with the opening 19 tracks (34 min, 33 sec) being taken from The Welts score. The remaining 17 tracks (43 min, 37 sec) come from Drowsiness and Obywatel, with an added bonus in the form of an interview with Konarski (4 min, 52 sec).

This is a beautiful album and Konarski delivers some incredibly moving themes.

Track listing:

The Welts
01. Love Scene (2:43)
02. Prologue (1:18)
03. Music is Healing (1:22)
04. Pigeons (0:57)
05. Windmills and Holy Figures (1:52)
06. Street in the Rain (1:20)
07. Confession (1:12)
08. Escape From Home (1:11)
09. Impossible Escape (1:31)
10. Cave (2:43)
11. Childhood (3:56)
12. Wojciech and Tania (1:22)
13. Returning Home (1:33)
14. Telephone Call to Editorial Office (1:13)
15. The Welts (2:32)
16. Confession of Love (2:11)
17. Mountains (1:24)
18. Inscription on a Mirror (2:18)
19. Final Credits (3:14)

20. Cooking of Hallucinogenic Herbs (1:24)
21. Drowsiness (2:09)
22. Cello (0:57)
23. Ashes to the Sky (2:04)
24. Final Credits (3:47)

25. Echo of Her Voice (2:19)
26. Why Me – Why Only Me? (1:52)
27. Beautiful Sweet Epic Reflection (2:28)
28. Woman From the Dark (2:06)
29. Theme of Journey (3:08)
30. Existence no Existence (1:42)
31. Charming and Moving (3:01)
32. Close-Ups (3:38)
33. People Like Pigeons (2:19)
34. Eugeniusz Bodo Lumiere Magique (2:06)
35. Soaring Dreams (3:35)

36. Audio Commentary by Adrian Konarski


Darren Rea