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The Crossroads Project


Composers: Laura Kaminsky and Libby Larsen
Performed by: Fry Street Quartet
Label: Navona Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 09 September 2016

The Crossroads Project, performed by the Fry Street Quartet, in collaboration with physicist Dr. Robert Davies, commissioned two composers, Libby Larsen and Laura Kaminsky, to create musical landscapes which speak to the crisis of an imminently unsustainable human world and move the listener toward a meaningful response...

The Crossroads Project is comprised of two works, one by Laura Kaminsky and another by Libby Larsen. Kaminsky's Rising Tide unfolds in a series of four vignettes (22 min, 25 sec), titled 'H20', 'Bios', 'Forage', and 'Societas', together forming a meditative space for audiences to explore connections between the human world we’ve created and the natural world we inhabit. Kaminsky’s score ranges from placid serenity to intense fury, pushing the listener to decode, analyze, and assess not only sound but our place in the world as well.

Kaminsky's Emergence (21 min, 03 sec) is about coming to terms with this knowledge on a deeply personal level. Grammy-winning Larsen’s five-movement score assumes the role of a protagonist’s inner voice, grappling with the realities that must be confronted and attempting to understand their implications.

To be perfectly honest, it's not important that you know the background to the project or the thinking behind the music. This is an album that you'll soak up and interpret in any way you see fit. For me, it's a thing of beauty that changes each time I listen to it depending on what I'm doing and what mood I'm in.

The album contains 9 tracks (43 min, 28 sec) and is modern classical music at its most emotive. Tracks like 'Emergence: IV. Resolve' will draw forth powerful emotions in even the coldest of hearts.

Track listing:

Fry Street Quartet
Robert Waters violin   Rebecca McFaul violin
Bradley Ottesen viola    Anne Francis Bayless cello

Laura Kaminsky
Rising Tide
01 - I. H2O (The Source of Life)
02 - II. Bios
03 - III. Forage
04 - IV. Societas

Libby Larsen
05 - I. Radiant
06 - II. Reactive
07 - III. Rage
08 - IV. Resolve
09 - V. Reverence


Darren Rea

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