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Life After Death - The Essential Jeff Finlin


Artist: Jeff Finlin
Label: Man In The Moon
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 09 September 2016

Jeff Finlin’s work is funny, insightful, playfully sardonic, and capable of exhuming archetypal musings from its listeners. It documents a vivacious spiritual path in poetry and song. In this respect, Finlin’s work represents a kind of modern day American Rumi-ism. His New album, Life After Death, is somewhat of a ‘best of’ or ‘an introduction to’, featuring 20 key tracks for those who have not crossed paths with this maverick and prolific songwriter. Spanning his back catalogue, this collection seeks to show the depth and diversity of Finlin’s composition, creating a full picture of him in 2016...

Fans of Jeff Finlin's work will relish this opportunity to revisit some of his back catalogue. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, the grandson of Irish railroad workers. He began with a wanderlust, traveling America using every form of transportation, with the exception of tuk tuk. Having played in bands in Boston, Ohio and L.A, he finally wound up in Nashville with long-time mate and Academy Award nominee Gwil Owen to form the rock band The Thieves. They released the acclaimed Seduced By Money.

Venturing out on his own he went on to produce the self-released Lonely Light before going on to produce Highway Diaries. For the last 12 years he has been delivering writing and music that has made its appearance around the world. His song 'Sugar Blue' found its way into Cameron Crowe’s feature film Elizabethtown alongside the likes of Tom Petty, Elton John, Lyndsey Buckingham and My Morning Jacket.

This new compilation of his work represents a distinctive core of his music and poetic thought. The album contains 20 songs (1 hr, 19 min, 42 sec). With personal highlights including 'Sugar Blue'; 'Goodtime' (which brought to mind a Crash Test Dummies song); the hypnotic 'Ohio'; 'I Killed Myself Last Night'; 'Mercy'; 'Only This'; 'Sugar Blue Too'; 'Forever Evergreen'; and 'Alchemy'.

Whether you're a longtime fan, or newly discovering Finlin, this is an album to be treasured.

01 - East by West
02 - My Rosy Crucifixion by the Sea
03 - Sugar Blue
04 - Good Time
05 - Hole In My Belly 3:09 Buy: £0.99
06 - Jesus Was A Motorcycle Man
07 - Postcard From Topeka
08 - Stones Must Roll
09 - Ohio
10 - Big Love Song
11 - Love & Happiness
12 - I Killed Myself Last Night
13 - Mercy 4:54 Buy: £0.99
14 - My Maybeline
15 - Only This
16 - Sugar Blue Too
17 - Forever Evergreen
18 - Alchemy
19 - Just Like Everyman
20 - Somewhere South of Wonder


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