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How to Ruin Other People's Futures


Artist: Losers
Label: 64 Sounds Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 09 September 2016

Tom Bellamy (ex-Cooper Temple Clause), Paul Mullen (ex-YourCodeNameIs:Milo/Young Legionnaire), Eddy TM (DJ/new music radio and club guru) and Dean Pearson (Vennart, British Theatre) together make Losers. With years of history across a huge range musical landscapes, they are the rarest of species, a band with no safety net and no conformist formula to follow.

Their new album, How to Ruin Other People's Futures spreads its net far and wide taking in many influences and straddling the fence of a number of genres. This release is more rock oriented when compared with their previous release.

Crushing electronics, reminiscent of Health, collide with instrumental and vocal dynamics and intensity that call to mind the sounds of early-Nine Inch Nails, while at times being reminiscent of the electronic punk edge of early-Prodigy albums.

The album contains 10 songs (49 min, 13 sec) and what I really love about it is how diverse the tracks are. 'Chainsaw' brought to mind a mix of Placebo and Prodigy - it's frenetic and unfiltered, giving it a refreshingly original raw feel. 'Car Crash' sounded like a harder, more rock-based Keene track; 'Exit Plan' is a slower song, bordering on indie pop; whilst '4 Months 2 Days' has an electronic backing that wouldn't be out of place on an Orbital album.

An impressive album that showcases so many sides to the band's talent that it's hard not to find something here to love.


Nick Smithson

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