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Shir Khan Presents
Dancing & Romancing


Artist: Various
Label: Exploited
RRP: £13.99
4 050486 963777
Release Date: 23 September 2016

Spearheaded by dance music legend Shir Khan, Berlin label Exploited releases Shir Khan Presents: Dancing & Romancing, a compilation album that features some of the best music over the last five years from the label's most exciting artists...

Striving to highlight that dance music is no longer reserved simply for the clubs, but has just as much merit when listened to in the home, Dancing & Romancing showcases the label's diverse roster and depth of talent.

Personal Highlights include Adana Twins's ;Drive Featuring Khan' and 'Strange' (which is an impressive reworking of The Doors's 1967 hit 'People are Strange'); Cocolores's 'Vox'; Homework's 'Ask Yourself (Audiojack's Chemical Rewind)'; Joyce Muniz's 'Back In The Days'; Kruse & Nuernberg's 'Yokohama Nights Featuring Brolin'; Mickey's 'Sweet Baby'; Doctor Dru's 'The Voice Of Dru'; Nils Penner 'Bubbles'; and Urulu's '1991'.

The album contains 30 tracks (2 hr, 21 min, 01 sec) and there's enough of a mix of styles and influences here to make it an essential purchase for dance music fans everywhere.

Track listing:

Disc: 1

01. Radio Atlantis - Compuphonic
02. Drive (Feat. Khan) - Adana Twins
03. Night On Fire - Claptone
04. Vox - Cocolores
05. Let's Get to It (Feat. Mike Dunn) - Murphy Jax
06. Joy - Moodymanc
07. Ask Yourself (Audiojack's Chemical Rewind) - Homework
08. Happiness Juice (Satin Jackets Remix) - Munk
09. Long Days, Hot Nights (Claptone Remix) - Sirens of Lesbos
10. I'm Coming Home - Dino Lenny
11. Think You Know (Feat. Annabel Weston) - James Curd
12. Back in the Days (Feat. Bam) - Joyce Muniz
13. Yokohama Nights (Feat. Brolin) - Kruse & Nuernberg
14. Bleeding (Feat. Human Life) - Adana Twins

Disc: 2

01. Strange - Adana Twins
02. Houston in the Blind - Kyodai & Daudi Matsiko
03. I See Lights (Karmon Remix) - Jimmy & Fred
04. Sweet Baby - Mickey
05. Music Rises Up (Claptone Remix) - Kyodai
06. Hold Me Tight - Homework
07. The Voice of Dru - Doctor Dru
08. No Eyes (Feat. Jaw) - Claptone
09. Bubbles - Nils Penner
10. Everyday - Adana Twins
11. Foolish - Doctor Dru
12. The Sun Does Rise (Feat. Marques Toliver) - Compuphonic
13. El Diablo - Human Life & Anabel Englund
14. 7 Minutes in Tibet - Sirens of Lesbos
15. 1991 - Urulu
16. Never Know - Light Year


Nick Smithson

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