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My Universe


Artist: The Shires
Label: Decca
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 07 October 2016

The Shires are back with another English take on American Country music. My Universe will be welcomed by the duo's fan base. Crissie Rhodes and Ben Earle deliver another 12 toe-tapping, instantly memorable sing-along tracks...

While the The Shire's previous album, Brave, was enjoyable, My Universe is a much more polished affair. Their performances are more honed and there's a new confidence that was lacking from the previous release.

Of this album's 12 tracks (43 min, 33 sec), personal highlights include 'Not Even Drunk Right Now'; 'Naked' (easily this album's most memorable track); 'Daddy's Little Girl'; 'Everything You Never Gave'; 'Save Me'; and 'Other People's Things'.

On a side note, It's odd how imperfections are creeping their way into home media. First we had the annoying blue lens flare that seems to be appearing in most movies these days and now we've got lens flares used as an artistic twist on this album cover - something that years ago would have been airbrushed out.

It's a beautiful pop/country album which sees the duo finally releasing an LP that you'll want to play to death now and still dig out in the future. It's great to see them go from strength to strength.


Nick Smithson

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