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Made in Vienna


Artist: Joyce Muniz
Label: Exploited
RRP: £13.99
4 050486 964583
Release Date: 21 October 2016

Austrian dance artist Joyce Muniz unleash her debut LP Made In Vienna, via Berlin label Exploited. With collaborations from the likes of Kat Vinter, Bam, and Human Life amongst others, the certified deep house maestro is subtly continuing her evolution from the dance floor to the living room with her warm, minimalist sound...

Made In Vienna pays homage to the culture of Joyce Muniz's hometown and country, but is also a dynamic deluge of sultry beats and soulful, crooning melodies, reminiscent of the sounds produced by dance heavyweights like Disclosure and Skream.

Muniz initially started combining the sounds and rhythms of her home country with contemporary European electronic sounds, and later morphed into a house / techno producer. Muniz has since gone on to work with a host of acclaimed artists and producers, including Austrian jazz legend Louie Austen and Maya Jane Coles. Aided by a slew of perfectly crafted vocals, this captivating debut showcases the latest evolution of her sound.

There's a good mix of styles over the course of this LP's 11 songs (45 min, 02 sec) with instantly accessible tracks including 'Wake Beside You' (Featuring Christa VI); and 'Sleepless' (Featuring Angelique Bianca). Arguably this album's one stand out track - the song you'll be humming in your head for days - is 'Back In The Days' (Featuring Bam).

An enjoyable dance album that's designed to be listened to in the comfort of your own house.

Track listing:

01 - 'Cover Me Up' Featuring Kat Vinter
02 - 'Drop In Pressure' Featuring Knixx
03 - 'Simple Poetry'
04 - 'Wake Beside You' Featuring Christa VI
05 - 'Hide' Featuring Enequist
06 - 'Gotta Love It'
07 - 'Deeper' Featuring Human Life
08 - 'Daydreaming' Featuring Enequist
09 - 'Sleepless' Featuring Angelique Bianca
10 - 'Back In The Days' Featuring Bam
11 - 'Silent Crime'


Nick Smithson

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