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Star Wars
Jedi Mule Slippers


Manufacturer: Groovy UK
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Become a Jedi in the bedroom with these Star Wars Jedi Slippers. Currently available for Jedi Knights with feet sized between UK 5-7, the Star Wars Jedi Slippers are cosy, they’re stylish and they're official members of the Disney Star Wars merchandise team. What isn’t to love? In true Jedi Style, the Star Wars Jedi Slippers possess impressive footwork with their anti-slip soles keen to ensure you stay upright at all times. The style is strong with this one...

Groovy's Star Wars Jedi Slippers are just the thing to keep your feet warm on a winter's morning, Sadly, as I'm usually a size 11 in footwear, these little beauties were too small for me (and believe me, in true Ugly Sisters style, I tried to cram my giant feet into them), but my better half has teeny tiny size 5 feet and they fitted her a treat, much to her great pleasure - she's been rubbing it in by marching up and down the room humming 'The Emperor's Theme'.

I'm reliably informed that popping your feet into these is like slipping them into a warm tauntaun - they're fluffy, making your feet lukewarm (Luke warm, geddit? Oh, please yourself).

There are plenty of other styles in this slipper range but none (other than the black Empire variety) is as subtle as these. If you want to keep your inner nerd hidden, these will do the trick, as only a Star Wars fan will understand what the logo is all about.

Technical info:

• Mule style slippers
• Made from 100% polyester plush fabric
• Embroidery to body and inner sole
• Non-slip soles


Darren Rea

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