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Little Torch


Artist: Erin K
Label: La Tempesta International
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 27 January 2017

Erin K releases her new album Little Torch. The opener, 'No Control', is an above average Indie Pop affair. But put any ideas of a standard album right out of your mind. The crazy is about to descend on you. However, like the best things in life, it works so well because it comes as a huge surprise.

'Assholio' sees a slight shift in the music, but it's only when we get to 'I Just Ate Shit' that Erin starts to take the piss out of both herself and the music industry at large. If you can pen a moving song about love and deep emotional feelings, why can't you also write just as an impassioned track about eating food that may actually have contained shit?

Once you've been slapped in the face by Erin's humour, it's time to revisit the album again with fresh eyes. There's a tongue planted firmly in cheek throughout. There's also a little bit of the spirit of Kirsty Maccoll wrapped up in tracks like 'I Fell For You'.

The album contains 10 tracks (33 min, 01 sec) and it blew away the cobwebs in the office for a few days. This is a fun, slightly twisted release that will at the very least ensure you have a smile playing on your face for quite so time.


Nick Smithson

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