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Jamais Contente
(Miss Impossible)
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Composer: Olivier Mellano
Artists: Da Chick, Dogg Master, Holy Ghost and MellaNoisEscape
Label: Plaza Mayor Company Ltd
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 27 January 2017

"My father is atrocious, my mother is atrocious, my sisters too, and I am the worst of them all, and my name is Aurore, teachers hate me, I have a girlfriend but I have more, And my parents dream of sending me to a boarding school to get rid of me... I could take refuge in my rock band if they did not want me to sing in front of people. Should give me a medal, frankly, what other thirteen-year-old girl is as atrociously unhappy as I am...?"

The soundtrack to Jamais Contente (Miss Impossible) represents, pretty much, a musical interpretation of the film. The score is full of rock sounds and teenage angst-esque themes. It's hip, it's cool. This is an album for the young and young at heart; for those who still vividly remember that difficult period of life where you're no longer a child, but have not yet become an adult.

Fans of the movie will love what Olivier Mellano delivers here. The album contains 14 tracks (35 min, 36 sec). Of these, 10 (21 min, 11 sec) represent Mellano's music, with the remaining 4 (14 min, 25 sec) being comprised of various artists tracks.

Track listing:

01 - Jamais contente (Olivier Mellano)
02 - Christmas Kraut (Olivier Mellano)
03 - L'amourette, Pt. 1 (Olivier Mellano)
04 - Orage (Olivier Mellano)
05 - Le clash (Olivier Mellano)
06 - L'amourette, Pt. 2 (Olivier Mellano)
07 - La multiplication (Olivier Mellano)
08 - Fumasse (Olivier Mellano)
09 - Miss Impossible (Olivier Mellano)
10 - Sea of Noise (Olivier Mellano and MellaNoisEscape)
11 - Christmas Brings (Dick Walter)
12 - Cocktail (Da Chick)
13 - Do It Again (The Holy Ghost)
14 - Real Playaz (Dogg Master)


Darren Rea

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