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This is Steve


Artist: Delicate Steve
Label: ANTI- Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 27 January 2017

Delicate Steve releases his new instrumental rock album, This is Steve, through ANTI- Records. Steve plays all the instruments on this record. He created it as an introduction from himself to you, and named it appropriately. If there is a question as to who This Is Steve’s creator is, you'll find it imbued in these ten songs (28 min, 16 sec) - which would also imply that Steve is also pretty short.

There's a very obvious '80s vibe to this album, which has an instrumental rock slant to it. There are bits and pieces, here and there, that sound instantly familiar... but not... like a long forgotten, hazy memory.

It's funky and cool. It's fun and entertaining... and once its finished you wish it would continue. The closing track 'This is Steve' is probably the most touching, honest and personal song you'll have heard in a long time.

Give it a chance. It's an odd album, but it's certainly one you'll embrace.


Nick Smithson

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