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Original Score from the Motion Picture


Composer: Ilan Eshkeri
Label: IM Global Music
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 24 February 2017

IM Global Music release the original score by Ilan Eshkeri from the motion picture Collide. While writing music for the film, Eshkeri suggested using only analog synthesizers – a bold and unique creative choice. The film follows Casey, a young American backpacker in Germany, who has fallen in love with Juliette, a fellow American travelling through Europe. When she is diagnosed with a fatal disease, Casey decides to steal from German gangster Hagen in order to pay for the medical treatment, which could save Juliette's life. Casey's heist, however, doesn't go as planned and Hagen catches him. Against all odds he manages to escape Hagen's men, steal one of Hagen's cars, and flee onto the autobahn. Pursued across Germany, he races to save his own life and get to Juliette before Hagen's men get to her first...

Ilan Eshkeri's score for Collide is an impressive score for a number of reasons. Firstly, for a synth-based soundtrack, this is incredibly timeless in sound. It's not, as you'd expect, reminiscent of scores of the '80s and '90s. In addition it sounds surprisingly fresh and I can't imagine this ever sounding dated or out of fashion.

The only problem, for me, was that it's a score designed purely for the movie. There's little here in the way of music that is accessible outside of the medium it was composed for. Technically flawless and a wonderful atmospheric accompaniment for the film, it just sounds a little flat when listened to in isolation.

The score contains 15 tracks (44 min, 46 sec).


Darren Rea

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