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Artist: Tyce
Songs by Jim Steinman
Label: Broadway Records
Release Date: 10 March 2017

Every now and again, something comes along that pushes the boundaries of what you’d expect a record label to release, and what you’d expect to enjoy. For the next foray into Broadway Records non-stop release line, it’s another vocal album, this time by Tyce, and featuring songs by Jim Steinman, the famous Meatloaf composer.

It takes bravery to record such treasured songs as 'Holding Out For A Hero', 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart', 'I’m Gonna’ Love Her For Both Of Us', and 'Braver Than We Are', without the imprimatur of wordsmith Steinman, who was catapulted to international fame and renown with the debut album from Meatloaf, Bat Out Of Hell. Tyce is the first male vocalist to have recorded with Steinman since Meatloaf. Adds Tyce, “I also fit Jim’s original vision of a young blond, honourable, noble-boy, that he first had in mind when he wrote 'Bat Out Of Hell.'”

Bravely produced and boldly re-imagined by Zak Lloyd (with Tony Heyes as executive producer and Nicky James as producer), with Steinman’s blessing, the album features nine Steinman-tracks; plus seven bonus tracks.

There's a lot to like here. First of all, the quality of the writing is first rate. Steinman has a great talent for writing melodies that stick, and lyrics that stir, and this is the ideal showcase for them. It’s also great to have them presented in a slightly less ‘rocky’ setting than with Meatloaf, although Tyce certainly rocks the joint on many of these. They are note perfect, and almost clinical at times, and this is perhaps my only negative - they are too perfect at times, and I’d have liked to have a bit more rawness and freedom.

There’s too many highlights to list. I found the ‘known’ songs were instantly more enjoyable than the new numbers. I loved 'It’s All Coming Back To Me Now' - it just seems to fit Tyce’s voice in every way, and 'Objects In The RearView Mirror', with the superb backing vocals. I also enjoyed the opening track 'Holding Out For A Hero'. Of the new numbers, I really liked 'For Crying Out Loud', on the 2nd CD of acoustic songs, which are a great showcase for the quality of Tyce’s voice.

A great listen, and one I will return to again.


Ian Gude

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