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Artist: Vukovi
Label: Lab Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 10 March 2017

Scottish rock outfit Vukovi release their self-titled debut album via Lab Records. The album includes twelve songs (40 min, 38 sec) that tackle themes of individuality, drug abuse, depression and suicide. While this may, at face value, appear upbeat and quirky, there are darker layers underneath the surface.

'Prey' sees lead singer Janie Shilstone digging deep into personal experience (the song is about a time in her life where she thought she'd met my knight in shining armor – but he fucked her up even more).

Meanwhile, ‘I’m Wired’, is Shilstone's attempt to describe being in a relationship with severe depression and trying to express that you need that person even though you don’t show it most of the time.

What appealed to me most about this album is how it's unlike the majority of rock album's on the market. There are similarities to Lacuna Coil, but Vukovi's song writing is more polished and the performances are much more diverse. Shilstone's voice is capable of portraying a lot more than the lyrics outline, adding another layer to the songs.

It's a loud and brash album, but with subtle, beautiful - and rather touching - moments in amongst the chaos. If you don't get a huge kick out this then you're probably too boring to be saved.


Nick Smithson

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