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Promenade Andante


Artist: Cordames
Label: Plaza Mayor Company
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 17 March 2017

Stefka Miteva and Youliana Toshkova-Patrouilleau together are Cordames. These two Bulgarian ladies, who have lived in France for years, mix classical and jazz music in a fun and novel way. Promenade Andante is their first joint project and features their own compositions. Miteva is a singer with a penchant for jazz. Toshkova-Patrouilleau plays the harp and lectures music theory at the conservatory in Chartres and Orgеres-en-Beauce.

Promenade Andante is an interesting, if rather strange album. It starts off with a classical vibe, before progressing to encompass elements of jazz. It's obvious that Miteva and Toshkova-Patrouilleau have a great working chemistry and it's no surprise to learn that while this is their first collaboration, they have been friends for over 25 years.

'Sous les tropiques' is where it starts going downhill. It's a tongue in cheek number, but feels a little out of place here. This is followed by a rather strange rendition of the American gospel hymn 'When the Saints Go Marching In' (called 'Oh When the Saints' on this recording). It doesn't help that their accents make the song sound a little cheesy, but when they break out the kazoo... you know it's time to press the skip button.

To be fair, if you just ignore these two songs then the more serious numbers should appeal to those who enjoy the sound of the harp and are looking for an easy listening album.


Nick Smithson

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