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Punk Shadows


Artist: Blood and Glass
Label: Simone Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 24 March 2017

Montreal-based Blood and Glass release their sophomore album, Punk Shadows, a rather bizarre indie offering released through Simone Records.

I suppose it will come down to whether you get on with Lisa Moore's vocals. I didn't, so the listening experience was a little too much to bear. On occasion she sounded like she was trying to pull off a Cyndi Lauper impression, which in itself is a little on the freaky side.

The insistence in having weird sing-song background singers (most notably on 'Illusions' but also on 'Nowheresville') makes for a distracting and not very pleasant listening experience. I guess you can tell I wasn't a fan.

However, that said, I did appreciate the slightly off kilter, retro direction the band was aiming at. It's a bit of a weird trippy experience, but one that you'll embrace or be repelled by,

The album contains 9 songs (42 min, 46 sec), and while I really wasn't a fan you may find it's the breath of fresh air that you're seeking.


Nick Smithson

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