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Artist: Trementina
Label: Burger Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 24 March 2017

Trementina create music for lucid dreaming. It’s an intense, yet melancholic conjuring by art students and skaters from the damp forests of Valdivia, Chile. Trementina has created a symphony that drowns you with noise, hallucinatory guitars, and beauty among chaos - which can be felt in the ethereal vocals of Vanessa Cea.  Their third album, 810, includes nine tracks (29 min, 11 sec) that flood the musical landscape; ranging from songs like 'Oh Child', which capture the atmospheric pressure of Joshua Tree-era U2, or early CHVRCHES, to 'Please, Let’s Go Away', which sounds like it was recorded inside a cosmic cathedral, as opposed to a DIY studio from the Chilean countryside...

There's no denying that Trementina's new album 810 is hypnotic and attention grabbing. However, whether you get on with this or consign it to the scrap pile, is down to how open you are to their trippy, experimental world.

'A Place Up in the Sky' is where I'd suggest you start if you're new to their music. It's an easy accessible track that washes over the listener. There's enough diversity on the rest of the album to appeal to those looking for something a little different - especially if you're a fan of shoegaze.

In places the clashing of the vocals against the music makes for an unpleasant listening experience ('No Control' being the most obvious example). It might be intentional (jeez, I hope it is) but it's a little distracting and may turn a lot of listeners off. Plus, the fact that this is quite a short album, coming in at under 30 mins, may leave many feeling short changed.


Nick Smithson

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