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Artist: Rory Lavelle
Label: Rory Lavelle
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 01 April 2017

Rory Lavelle is a Belfast based song-writer and performer specialising in dark, brooding acoustic alt-rock. Taking influence from artists as diverse as Bill Withers, David Kitt, Nick Drake and Radiohead his debut album Waves is laden with soulful, melancholic hooks atop a rich organic backdrop...

I really enjoyed Rory Lavelle's debut album, Waves. There's both a diversity and confidence that normally only shines through on an artist's second or third album. The fact that Lavelle has managed to hit his stride from the start is pretty impressive. His vocals are rich and memorable and the album gets stronger with each listen.

Of the album's 10 songs (43 min, 24 sec) personal highlights include 'Poor Pride'; 'When the Crazies Come Out'; and 'Waiting For The Reverie'.

If there's any justice in this world - or any taste left in the musical buying public - this album will get the exposure it so rightly deserves. Once you hear it, you'll be hooked.


Nick Smithson