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Shades of Time


Artist: Heylel
Label: IndiePlant
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 04 April 2017

Shades of Time, is the third studio album from Heylel, an alternative progressive rock band from Porto, Portugal. With a range from classic to hard rock with a bit of symphonic rock tossed in the mix to create a dark atmospheric sound, there is a little something for everyone to enjoy on this latest creation...

While there's no denying that Heylel's new album Shades of Time is a diverse and interesting album, it's "something for everyone" appeal is both its strength and its weakness depending on your point of view.

Personally I thought they should have stuck to their harder edge, evident on tracks like 'The Big Runaway', as their softer songs have a tendency to sound a little twee. The violin work on the live recording of 'Ghosts' was a little patchy. It may have fared better if the producer had turned it down a little in the final mix. Likewise, the instrument in the studio version of 'Ghost' sound a little out of tune and time with one another.

The LP contains 11 tracks (if you count the extra live piano version of 'Ghosts') representing 54 min, 41 sec worth of music. While their diversity should be championed, I came away without a clear picture of who or what Heylel represented. While it's a sad fact that people like to pigeonhole bands, I was left scratching my head as to who would really enjoy this album as a whole.


Nick Smithson

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