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Artist: Jen Gloeckner
Label: Spinning Head Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 14 April 2017

Jen Gloeckner releases her new album, Vine, through Spinning Head Records. It's a seductive and haunting LP that incorporates Americana/Trip-folk with hypnotic, edgy, surreal instrumentation. Over the course of these 11 songs (39 min, 23 sec) we're treated to a cinematic, atmospheric, ethereal, ambient dream pop electronica experience...

Here's something a little different. Jen Gloeckner releases an album that dips its toes into so many genres. It's also an album that took me weeks to actually get my head around. On the first (and probably first half a dozen) play throughs I wasn't really a fan. Sure, I knew what the intention behind the music was, but it just felt a little half finished and a little too wide in remit.

It's probably more cinematic in style than anything else; sounding like a trippy original movie soundtrack.

While I did warm to it, I'm still not overly sure how much of a fan I truly am. It's bold and interesting, I'm just not sure it it's a truly enjoyable experience.


Nick Smithson

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