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Original Short Film Soundtrack


Composer: Tom Schutzinger
Label: Lakeshore Records
Release Date: 14 April 2017

Lakeshore Records release Tom Schutzinger's soundtrack for the short film Red. More an EP than an LP, the score contains just 5 tracks (11 min, 26 sec). Given the arty stylistic approach the movie takes, it's not a surprise to discover that the score reflects the dark subject matter.

In all honesty it's not a score that I'd want to listen to for pleasure. The easiest way of describing it is like an Industrial Metal Horror score. No doubt it works to enhance the movie, but it's a little hard to enjoy on its own merits. That said, I'm glad Lakeshore are releasing scores for short films that might otherwise never see the light of day.

It's an interesting album, just not one that I'd want to listen to too often.


Darren Rea

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