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Twilight Remembered


Composers: Various
Performed by: McCormick Duo
Label: Navona Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 13 January 2017

On Twilight Remembered (2003), musical and marital partners Robert and Kim McCormick join forces as the McCormick Duo, performing percussion and flute, respectively. The album presents a collection of contemporary compositions for these two instruments, including works from Paul Bissell, Elliot Carter, Andre Jolivet, Ralph Shapey, David Heuser, Henri Lazarof, Hilton Jones, Wesley Fuller, Howard Buss, Kent Kennan, and Daniel Adams...

For some, the combination of flute and percussion may be oddly enjoyable. The instruments inhabit very different worlds, but when paired together can sound surprisingly soothing.

However, on balance Twilight Remembered is not an album that you can really relax too. Maybe I should stop reviewing modern classical music and give it to someone who "get's it". For me, music - whether it be classical, pop or heavy metal - should stir something deep down in your soul. Whether it's patriotism, humour or melancholia... it doesn't matter, it should bring forth an emotion... and not revulsion.

Most of the time the music caught my attention, but for the wrong reason. Like a needy child, off-key segments and the clashing of instruments is not something that attracts me to want to progress further through the tracks.

It's telling that despite being made of tracks by different composers, they all sounded the same (to these ears at any rate). Think background music for '70s spy shows and you won't be far off.

While it wasn't for me, I'm sure there are plenty of fans that will gladly embrace this.

Track listing:

01 Archipelago - Paul Bissell
02 Esprit Rude II/Esprit Doux II - Elliot Carter
03 Pipeaubec - Andre Jolivet
04 Movement of Varied Moments - Ralph Shapey
05 Still Life With Fruit - David Heuser
06 Asymptotes - Henri Lazarof
07-09 Silver Set - Hilton Jones
I Andante
II Moderato
III Allegro
10 Four Phases for Three - Wesley Fuller
11 Pipe Down - Howard Buss
12 Night Soliloquy - Kent Kennan
13 Twilight Remembered - Daniel Adams


Darren Rea

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