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Fly Away


Artist: Maximilien Mathevon
Label: Plaza Mayor Company Ltd
Release Date: 21 April 2017

Maximilien Mathevon releases his new album Fly Away. The electronic classical score follows an imaginary plane flight: the excitement of take-off ('Fly away'), the wonder of the landscape ('From Above'), the dangerous encounter with a hurricane ('Hurricane') and the relief and glory of the landing ('Safe Landing')...

Maximilien Mathevon has composed the original soundtracks for numerous documentaries for French TV channels (CANAL+, ARTE, M6, France Televisions). He has created new musical accompaniments for 12 famous silent movies which were reissued in France on DVD (20,000 leagues Under the Sea, Outside the Law, Way Down East). Mathevon has also composed several Electronic / New Age albums, blending ethnic sonorities, classical and electro styles. Fly Away is his latest project...

Given that this is an album that allows Mathevon the ability to let his creative juices flow freely, rather than having to compose music to fit the onscreen imagery of a movie or TV show, Fly Away is an insight into his talents as a composer of his own music.

This isn't the first time the composer has released a, for want of a better phrase, "concept album". In the past he's given us Outside; Sundown Chronicles; and Wild.

The album contains 4 tracks (30 min, 21 sec) and on balance is a rather interesting release. While by no means an essential purchase, fans of Mathevon's previous work will find this interesting - as will any lover of mellow soundtracks.


Darren Rea

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