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Artist: Hajk
Label: Jansen Plateproduksjon
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 28 April 2017

Hajk’s release their self titled debut album. Their first release, 'Common Sense', was listed by Norwegian radio stations almost before the band got out of their rehearsal space, and the follow-up single 'Magazine' was well received by the international media. The band is fronted by Preben Sælid Andersen and Sigrid Aase, who share the vocals, while Johan Nord (drums), Knut Olav Buverud Sandvik (bass) and Einar Næss Haugeth (keys) are the backbone...

Hajk's debut album is a warm, fuzzy breath of fresh air in a crowded marketplace. Over the course of 10 songs (38 min, 30 sec) we are introduced to the band's timeless sound. There's elements of retro pop combined with a modern indie vibe.

It opens with the instantly memorable 'Magazine', with other highlights including the catchy 'Common Sense'; 'Best Friend'; and 'Not Any More'.

If you're looking for a new indie album for your collection, Hajk's well worth seeking out. There are so many interesting tracks here that even the pickiest of music lover is bound to find a couple of tracks to fall in love with.


Nick Smithson

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